MA’AM (Anna Makay, Budapest, Hungary) is a vocalist, composer and electronic musician whose pieces are focusing on ancient languages in digital environment. She works in the field of vocal improvisation, sound poetry, abstract electronics, avant-garde, noise and experimental.

Anna Makay first debuted with her joint project with Márton Csernovszky called ooo & MA'AM, which has become an integral part of the Hungarian experimental scene. MA'AM's solo album, Murmur was released by EXILES at the end of 2018. MA’IWA, her duo project with AIWA (Lajos Nádházi) was selected by Shape Platform in ‘20. MA’AM works on theatre and dance performances as well, she composed the sounds of Blackheads with Hungarian contemporary dancer, Viktor Szeri. She created Meghíztam a sötétben, mondjuk nem with Lili Raubinek (theatre and dance performer) for the OFF-Biennále Budapest. MA’AM performed at the Berliner Input Impro at CHB, at the Budapest/Cologne Summer LAB, at UH Fest in Budapest and also at Kolorádó festival. She works together with artists of the Hungarian experimental and improvisational music scene. She managed Ableton workshops at LAB/ON in Cologne, she has been teaching the usage of the software since then. She’s also a co-founder of AZVLM, a creative collective with the aim to support young artists. Besides a lot of different umbrella activities, She produces a radio show as well at Lahmacun radio.






CRISIS - Hősök: fundraising compilation 

Hungarian music podcast / Radio Kapital, Poland

MA'IWA: Duo project with AIWA (Nádházi Lajos), Shape Platform artist 2020

Goldfishing album release/ Toldi Klub

Lahmacun radio: Radio show editing & volunteering

Budapest/Cologne Summer LAB
Thea Soti, Elisabeth Coudoux, Moritz Wesp, Sebastian Gille, Florian Herzog, Anthony Greminger, Rebekka Salomea, Darius Heid

Makay, Porteleki, Soti: there´s no such thing as too much gold / LOFT Köln

Ableton workshop: CREATIVE VOCAL LAB / ON / Neune Musik Köln

Easterndaze x Berlin event: Total Black x EXILES x T+U, Urban Spree

Sirumám: UH fest, Budapest

Meghíztam a sötétben, mondjuk nem / theatre play / OFF-Biennale Budapest

Kolorádó Fesztivál - Vocal Games workshop

VOICES PROJECT, BUDAPEST with Thea Soti, Áron Porteleki, Dodó Kiss and Márton Bertók

ooo & MA'AM - /0/: released by Exiles

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MA'IWA : duo with AIWA (Lajos Nádházi)

AZVLM : co-founder

DŰLŐ podcast

Ubiktúra : organizer

Autonómia Alpaítvány

Ableton workshops